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Things never stay the same for long in farming. With each changing season bringing a different set of challenges and opportunities, you can never be sure that what worked last month, last season or last year will work the next.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming


These days everyone is aware that their data has value. What we do, where we go, our preferences: these are valuable commodities that companies are willing to pay large amounts of money for. While the value of data is well understood by industries, such as retail or tech, is the sheep farming industry using its own data to its full potential?

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

@Sheep_Farmers and Parasite Watch's first-ever Twitter chat

Parasitic infection costs the UK sheep industry hundreds of millions of pounds each year. Join our Twitter chat to find out how you can protect your farm as well as your flock.

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Farming is centuries old. But that’s no reason to not be excited about its future. Agriculture is an ever-changing industry. It’s necessary to engage with new discoveries, new initiatives and new ideas to stay on top of your business and inspire the farmers of tomorrow.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

The Parasite Watch Farmers’ Stories

Find out how Parasite Watch has helped these farmers over the last three years by helping them detect parasites and sharing that data with UK sheep farmers across the country.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Treat parasites according to risk, not by time of the year

With no two years the same when it comes to parasite activity, farmers need to be aware of what is happening on their farm and take appropriate action based on the risk, rather than the time of year in order to prevent costly production losses.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming


As the year progresses, it’s time to start thinking about the autumn parasite challenges, we’ve seen some very high worm egg counts this year which could continue into the tupping season. Continuation of the current warm, wet weather could result in us seeing an earlier fluke challenge too.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming


Results from farms involved in the Zoetis Parasite Watch scheme shows that areas which have seen warm and dry weather followed by sudden wet weather, such as South West Scotland and Wales have seen a rise in worm egg counts.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Flies: annoying your herd, your flock and you!

By the time you notice cattle or sheep being troubled by flies, a population explosion is already taking place! Discover how you can take action to prevent flies impacting your herd, your flock and you!

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Parasite Watch update: Stomach worms cause early challenge as weather warms up

Faecal egg counts taken in April from farms across the country involved in the Parasite Watch scheme have been showing some heavy challenges from stomach worms.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

The Nematodirosis risk

Nematodirus can cause explosive outbreaks of disease and even death amongst young grazing lambs.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

To act or not to act: Putting real-time parasite risks on the map

The Parasite Watch scheme run by Zoetis, is now in its second year. The 18 farms involved in the scheme will have faecal samples taken every two weeks, which will help detect major stomach worms and Nematodirus.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

The 2017 worm threat: It's unpredictable

For most areas of the UK, feedback suggests that last year was one with low to moderate roundworm burdens. Where this was identified using good diagnostics, economies from using fewer wormer treatments were possible with manageable risk rather than a fingers crossed approach.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Clostridia Disease – How to Vaccinate and Protect Against It

Clostridial diseases have been a livestock issue for hundreds of years and affect species all around the world. Unfortunately, sudden death is often the first sign a farmer will see that clostridia are present. Find out which are the most common clostridia and how to vaccinate against them.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Sheep Quarantine: 5 Key Tips

If new or returning sheep are not quarantined it is not only a disease risk but can also waste your time and money. Resistant worms are then much more likely to be introduced to your flock with incoming animals and your usual treatments may not kill them.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Infographic: Cost of Fluke in Sheep

Fluke in sheep is a threat to more than an individual farm. This parasitic worm is extremely well adapted and can be deadly, but the wider impact of infection could cost the UK agricultural industry up to £300m every year.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

STARTECT: The Importance of Dual Active Wormers

Efficient sheep production relies on effective resistance management. Until this is part of a robust flock plan; money is being wasted all over the country. The reality is that most, if not all, UK sheep farms will already have some worms that carry resistance genes affecting production.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

STARTECT®: Discover the website and a chance to win an iPad Mini!

If you’re a farmer, vet or animal health advisor working in the sheep farming industry the new Zoetis STARTECT® website is for you. The site is full of materials to help you in the fight against worm resistance, including educational videos, and useful information on the benefits of dual active wormers. All of the reference materials and advice is free to access.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming


Flies are not only an annoyance to your flock; they also spread diseases and cost you money. Often most types of fly arrive at the same time every year, which means you could outsmart them. Find out which flies are prevalent when and how to best keep these pests under control.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Infographic: Cost of Worm Resistance in Sheep

Did you know worm resistance costs the UK sheep farming industry £84 million every year? Find out why this is the case and how you can stop it by reading our infographic below.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

NSA Sheep Event 2016: Our Experience

Whilst we all enjoy the Great British Summer, our team made the journey to attend the National Sheep Association’s NSA Sheep 2016 event at the three counties show ground in Worcestershire. With a multitude of stands filled with things from feed to shearers, weighing equipment to drenches – it was always going to be a fantastic day for attendees. This was the case for our team on the Zoetis stand as our team spoke to so many hundreds of farmers throughout the day, mainly about our dual active Knockout drench: STARTECT.

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Two Knockout Drench options, but only one dual-active

Of the two wormers suitable for use as a Knockout Drench in lambs, vet Dave Armstrong points out that the group five product STARTECT® is the only dual-active treatment.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Parasite Watch Update – June 2016

Welcome to the very first Parasite Watch update; the free service keeping UK sheep farmers up-to-date. Read the latest news from around the country.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Parasite Watch farmer seeks evidence-based decisions

The first treatment decision prompted by Parasite Watch for Alan Smellie near Peebles was to do nothing at all. On account of the mild wet winter and good number of ewes spending time on known high fluke risk ground, his 1,200 ewes were tested for liver fluke before lambing.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Clostridia diseases: How to protect your livestock

The sudden death of livestock is every farmers’ worst fear. Not only is it upsetting and stressful, it’s also extremely costly. Yet productive animals are lost to Clostridial diseases on a daily basis. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Watch out for Nematodirosis

Parasitic gastro-enteritis (PGE) (worm scours) will affect all lambs to a greater or lesser degree and as such are a key concern for sheep farmers everywhere. It can be caused by many different worm species, but the two most important in the UK are Teladorsagia circumcincta and Nematodirus battus.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming


A change in season can bring with it a potentially deadly disease for sheep. We inspect the mud snails that host parasitic fluke to reveal when an attack is most likely and how to spot the signs.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

Introducing Parasite Watch: a free service for UK sheep farmers

Parasite Watch: the free service from Zoetis, keeping UK sheep farmers up-to-date with the latest news and forecasts of parasites affecting your flock.

Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

The Unpredictable 2016 Sheep Parasite Threat

2015 was a great year for farmers. Get complacent though and you will quickly discover the severe parasite threat that the UK can expect for 2016. Check the news here to see how Zoetis will keep you up-to-date.

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