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A step by step guide to your drying off technique for optimum results

Drying off cows using the “best practice” technique reduces the risk of post infusion infection as well as ensuring the antibiotic dry cow tube and teat sealant will work as well as possible for optimum results.

It can be easy to slip out of practice when it comes to techniques, and drying off is no different. Frequent reminders are useful to ensure your technique isn't rusty or even to check there isn’t something you have been missing which could really help.

We’ve put together a handy step by step guide for you to follow to ensure you’re getting optimum results, for correct administration of your dry cow therapy programme, follow these steps:

1. Keep syringes clean whilst preparing the teats and DO NOT immerse syringes in water. Dip teats in a rapid acting pre-dip, leave for 30 seconds, then wipe each teat completely dry with seperate disposable paper towels. Strip foremilk and discard

2. Always use a new pair of gloves for the treatment of each cow. Thoroughly disinfect the whole surface of the teat with a disposable alcohol or spirit soaked wipe. Repeat until the last wipe comes away clean.

3. Disinfect the far teats before the near teats to avoid accidental contamination of previously disinfected teats (as numbered). If using Antibiotic Dry Cow Therapy in combination with OrbeSeal, apply one ADCT tube per quarter (numbered as picture 5) and then repeat disinfection procedure.

4. Starting with the teat nearest to you, insert the OrbeSeal syringe nozzle into the teat canal, firmly grasp to pinch the base of the teat at the udder attachment and slowly inject all contents. Be careful not to touch the nozzle of the syringe. Use one complete syringe per quarter. Do not massage. OrbeSeal must remain in the teat canal.

5. Insert OrbeSeal into the nearest teats first (as numbered) to minimise contamination of teats that have not been treated.

6. Apply a post-milking disinfectant to cover at least 90% of each teat. Mark each treated cow and keep her away from the milk supply. Treated animals should be allowed to stand for 30 minutes to allow the teat canal to close.

For even more information about initial preparation and processes when drying off, see here.

OrbeSeal contains 65% bismuth subnitrate. Withdrawal period: Zero days: POM-V . Further information is available on the product SPC or contact your veterinary surgeon or contact Zoetis UK Ltd, Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Walton on the Hill, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 7NS. Customer Support 0845 3008034. www.zoetis.co.uk Always seek the advice of your medicines provider. Use medicines responsibly (www.noah.co.uk/responsible).