Mooving in: square up to winter and win with our new competition

The best price in the world is free, isn’t it? And - correct us if we’re wrong - but getting free goodies for stuff you’re already doing is an even sweeter deal. This stuff we speak of? Preparing to move your cows indoors for the winter.

With the move indoors, new feeding regimes and winter vaccinations ahead, you’ve got your work cut out. But you know the drill. You take the seasonal shift in your stride. So why not put yourself in with a chance of winning yourself some gratis goodies whilst you work?


We’ve got bags of winter survival stuff available - such as rubber wellies, body-warming fleeces and toe-cosy socks. All guaranteed to take the sting out of winter’s chill.


You’re preparing for winter. Readying your buildings to be habitable, planning winter feeding regimes and making sure your herd’s health is winter-ready with all the right vaccines and skin treatments. Well, we’d like to see it in action! Send your snaps of life on your farm as you prepare for the frosty season. Simple.


Grab a picture of your livestock receiving their vaccination jabs and share it with us for a chance to win. Or how about a photo of you finally fixing that roof in your cow shed? Or installing a wind break? You can even show us your herd munching on feed in the cosy confines of the pen. We want to see you and your cows preparing for the winter. Just reach for your camera or smartphone and get snapping.  

You can upload your pic and enter the competition in seconds.  

>> Enter now (or peek at the farming photos we’ve already received)


Whilst you’re on our competition website, you’ll find advice about the best bovine farming practices during the difficult winter season. From veterinary and farming professionals, we’ve got simple, scientific, fact-driven guides on all things cow-related to prepare you for winter.

With everything from ideal living conditions for your livestock during the cold weather to parasite damage control, let our Livestock Farming blog be your guide to getting your livestock – and livelihood – in shape through till spring. With potentially catastrophic and virulent diseases such as Bovine Respiratory Disease more prevalent at this time of year, being prepared can only improve your bottom line.


Upload your winter prep pics on how you’re getting your herd’s housing, health and nutrition ready. There’s a chance you’ll be getting toasty for free as a result, just as the temperature plummets and the winter nights draw in. Best of luck!

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