Dairy farming

Why is CLARIFIDE for you?


CLARIFIDE is a simple test which allows you to drive the future of your farm, it gives you the power to select which animals will perform for you. Reliably predicting the future capability of your heifers at a few days of age, will enable you to reduce rearing costs, generate greater cash flow and gives you the ability to make accurate breeding decisions, to invest in your best.

By taking one tissue or hair sample, the CLARIFIDE test evaluates thousands of potential differences in the genetic code of each animal, these differences allow us with up to 70% reliability, to predict the potential of an animal to perform on your farm and pass on those traits to the future generations.

CLARIFIDE is the only test which will give these predictions on 6 UK dairy breeds*; Holstein, British Friesian, Jersey, Guernsey, Ayrshire and Brown Swiss.  Not only with access to the UK’s £Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI), but with optional access to US data as well.

As well as the giving you overall selection indexes, the CLARIFIDE test allows you to hone in on traits that may be beneficial to your farm, giving you the ability to be in full control of the future of your herd, just one sample gives you;

1. Health, Fitness and Management traits including;

  • Fertility
  • SCC
  • Temperament
  • Ease of milk
  • Locomotion
  • Condition score
  • TB Advantage

2. Production traits including;

  • Milk (kg)
  • Fat
  • Protein (kg & %)

3. Milk protein traits

4. Type traits

5. Parentage and inbreeding information


CLARIFIDE samples are easy to take with a full guide to show you how to order, take and post the samples. The samples are then tested by the global leader in cattle genomics at a specialised genomics laboratory with local UK support. The results are reported on an intuitive easy to use on-line support package called SearchPoint, available for you at www.mysearchpoint.co.uk.

SearchPoint is the online genetic information management system designed to enable Zoetis genetics customers to access their data and turn it into information that drives better decisions. SearchPoint gives you the ability to:

  • Track samples
  • Create management and breeding lists
  • Use powerful filtering facilities
  • Create bespoke reports
  • Produce highly visible graphical analysis
  • Set up notifications for reminders of key dates and times

By choosing CLARIFIDE, you can benefit from the expertise of a network of highly-trained vets, along with the unparalleled technical and customer support that Zoetis brings. CLARIFIDE consultancy from your vet can work for you to ensure that you and your farm get the most from genomic testing, for instance:

  • The criteria (traits and index) used to rank your animals help meet your objectives for the future
  • Any breeding strategy in place is maximising both genetic and short- and long-term financial returns
  • You are getting the results that you require to breed your best
  • There are tools and services bespoke to CLARIFIDE to help you understand your financial returns and ensure you meet your objectives, to truly drive your future

What have CLARIFIDE farms achieved so far?

CLARIFIDE testing has shown some great results in the UK and all over the world1;

  • Increased profitability compared to the national average by increasing the £PLI of tested herds.
  • Tested heifers that are ranked in the top 10% for milk production can produce over 4000 litres more milk than those in the bottom 10%. 
  • Reduction in calving to conception in those ranked in the top 10% for fertility of 42 days compared to the bottom 10%
  • Increased first service conception rate of 14% when selecting heifers ranked in the top 25% compared to the bottom 25%

How do I get involved?

For more information on CLARIFIDE and CLARIFIDE Plus visit www.clarifide.co.uk or speak to your NMR representative. Zoetis has also partnered with veterinary practices to create a network of highly-trained vets. By choosing CLARIFIDE, you can access this expertise, making sure that you and your farm get the most benefit from CLARIFIDE testing.

*greater than 87.5% purebred


1. On CLARIFIDE tested farms - data on file