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You’re a busy farmer. That’s why you need this livestock farming website.

A farmer’s time? It’s a precious commodity. You work hard for long hours, from before dawn until after dusk. Each season brings fresh demands on your schedule. With the exacting pressures on the modern farmer in mind, Livestock Farming is a site built to help you conquer the challenges of Britain’s toughest business.

It’s a brand new website for all UK beef, sheep and dairy farmers. An online resource packed with crucial information, expert opinion and current analysis on all of the up-to-the-minute developments in the agricultural industry.

You need it. Here’s why.

What's on the site?

Broken down into clear sections between beef, dairy and sheep farming, Livestock Farming makes it easy for you to get the information you want - and swiftly too. Instantly access essential facts and get the lowdown on key, industry-specific issues.

Expert guidance & advice

Your livestock are your livelihood. Our blog will feature vet-endorsed guidance on disease identification, prevention and treatment against common viruses and infections. Utilising the most advanced scientific research and product knowledge available, Livestock Farming aims to help you deter and beat farm-borne ailments for a healthier, more profitable product.

That’s not all.

Farming practises change more regularly than the seasons. Our blog will keep you up to date with news, trends and industry insight from inside the community. Stay informed on the latest legislation, research advances and what’s current in the wider world of farming, to maintain a profitable, engaged business. You can also stay up to speed with the elements with three-day weather forecasts.

And handily, it won’t rust in the rain.

Farming case studies

‘Life on the farm’, by like-minded peers with their eyes on improved production and profit. See day-to-day breakdowns on how other professionals best attain waste reduction, grow their business and manage their herds.

Video tutorials

If you’re after practical guidance on how best to accomplish a trying task on the farm, our video library of illustrative how-to videos can guide you through the processes with step-by-step instructions.

Knowledge library

A virtual encyclopaedia of farming facts and rural knowhow is available at your fingertips, with a vast range of essential topics covered. Dosing, environment enrichment, products, you name it. If you need a quick refresher on any topic, or simply more detailed information on any farming subject, our guides will give you vital statistics and scientifically-backed research - and you can download them all for free.

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There’s a lot of white noise on social media. That’s why we only share the most relevant articles and content to keep you engaged with the latest news and most informative advice. The farming community is one of the strongest out there. Join us and let’s make it a little stronger.

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