Pig farming


Pigs in many ways are similar to humans, so why for ‘baby people’ do we worry about cleanliness and washing and sterilising and what they put in their mouths, but not so much for baby pigs? I don’t quite understand why when we are producing these animals as a business we would overlook something as simple as cleaning which can make such a difference to the health and growth rates of pigs. Maybe we would be better putting the piglets in the crib and the children outside on the farm?

How clean is your farm?

So how should you be cleaning your farm? Well, poo is our main nemesis. It carries bacteria, viruses and is actually quite high in protein and fat making it stubborn to shift. I’m sure you’ve all heard the comparison before, but imagine the pen floor as the pan from your morning fry-up. Washing it with a bit of cold water, even at quite high pressure, still won’t get the greasiness off. You need to add Fairy Liquid. For the best cleaning you need to soak your pen in detergent, just like your frying pan. Then you need to rinse it (hot water is best). It is important than to let it dry, no tea towels on the farm but a bit of fresh air or even heaters should do the job. Then as you would sterilise the babies things, you need to sterilise the pig's things, but for the pigs' environment, you need to use a disinfectant. Then you should rest the pen for as long as possible, this is to allow any bacteria remaining after your cleaning to die before you re-fill the building with pigs.  

6 key steps to clean pig success

  • Apply a detergent
  • Leave to soak
  • Pressure wash (Hot water is preferable)
  • Allow pen to dry
  • Apply disinfectant
  • Rest the pens for as long as possible

As with babies, the younger the pigs are the more important the cleaning regime is, with farrowing and weaner house hygiene being the most crucial. However, these principles should still be applied to grower and finishers, as good cleaning and disinfection can improve growth rates and stop disease transmission between batches. You can read more on this in our previous blog here.

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