Pig farming

The Key to Solving your Coughing Problem!

A pig with a cough is not a simple creature. A pig with a cough can have one, two, three or more diseases! One of the keys to solving the coughing pig is controlling Enzootic Pneumonia, which is the caused by a bacterium called Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (MH). 


In a pig’s lungs (and in fact in our lungs!) there are cells which look like hairs. These “hair like” cells beat rhythmically to sweep the mucus, bacteria, viruses and dust out of the airways. The MH bacteria stick the “hair like” cells together in clumps so they can’t beat properly. This means when a pig breathes in a new disease, it’s not swept out straight away, and when a pig becomes infected the mucus produced is not swept out. This makes the pig cough, and when it coughs it doesn’t eat as much, and it doesn’t grow as much. 

If you can control MH you help control coughing. So how can you achieve this? The best way is to completely get rid of MH, but this is very difficult unless you depopulate your unit, or do an expensive medicated eradication program. The next best option is an effective vaccination policy. A good vaccination programme reduces lung damage caused by MH and reduces coughing. 


1. Choose a good MH vaccine 

2. Ensure your cold chain is reliable (delivery, fridge for storage etc.) 

3. Follow vaccine datasheet: appropriate temperature, time of vaccination, dose etc. 

4. Ensure vaccinating staff have a good technique - make sure EVERY pig is getting its FULL dose! 

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