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10 Tremendous sheep farmers to follow on Twitter

Sheep farming, like every industry has to share knowledge and capture the imagination in order to survive, grow and improve. . Social media is not just fantastic for sharing insight and networking within the industry, it also helps to raise the profile of the job beyond the confines of those who work in agriculture. Thankfully there are plenty of users on Twitter who are doing a great job advocating the sheep farming industry through thought-provoking and engaging content. Here are a few of our favourites.

Gareth Jones is a bit of a celebrity in the sheep farming world. As well as being a husband and father of three, he has a starring role in the BBC Wales reality TV show Family Farm. When he’s not busy gracing the screen and radio waves, he’s on Twitter discussing best practices for farming and wider issues regarding the environment and ethics.

James Rebanks is a highly successful author, having released international bestseller The Shepherd’s Tale in 2015. Tweeting from the comfort of his farm in the Lake District, James discusses issues that tend to relate directly to his own farming activities as well as wider political issues regarding farming in the UK.

Living on a remote farm in the Yorkshire Dales with nine children and a husband, you’d think Amanda would have enough to do. Yet she’s written two books about shepherding and has appeared on Radio 4’s The Museum of Curiosity. On Twitter, Amanda likes to tweet about family life on the farm, with many of her tweets proudly showing off her much-loved children and animals.

Alison runs a hill farm in Cumbria where she raises her sheep using traditional methods. Not only that, she also uses her talents in design to create her own line of wool and tweed clothing. On Twitter she talks about the benefits of wool as a material, the importance of reclaiming traditional methods and her love for her craft.

Sheep 365 is a Twitter account that brings together sheep farming-related content from all over social media. They honour the hard work that sheep farmers undertake 365 days a year by retweeting images and videos sent to them by other farmers that show the grit, determination and resilience that goes into successful sheep farming.

Jodi is a young sheep farmer based in ‘A Field in South East England’. Being young and female, she strives to break down the outdated archetype of a sheep farmer. She’s certainly got the passion and drive required for success. She tweets about everyday life on the farm, with the occasional selfie thrown in for good measure.

This proud northerner is an equally proud sheep farmer. Infectiously enthusiastic about the industry she works within and boasting 2.7k followers, she talks about ethical issues around farming, day to day life and shares images of her sheep and children having fun around the farm.

Located on a hill farm in West Yorkshire, this user breeds pure Derbyshire Gritstones, Swales, Texels and Charollais. As the name suggests, this account shares tales from ‘the lambing shed and beyond!’ Expect stories about the life of the farmer and his cattle, the beauty of nature and the joys of farming.

Hannah Jackson is a rising star among young sheep farmers. Holding a BSc in Animal Behaviour and acting as one of the National Sheep Association’s Next Generation Ambassadors, her career has got off to a flying start. She’s been on the radio to talk about her work and has done much to raise the profile of sheep farming among younger people. She tweets about her life inside and outside the farm, her love for sheep and the odd nonsheep-related nugget.

Jo’s a shepherdess on the Devon coast looking after 800 ewes and a small Herdwick flock. She mainly tweets images of her sheep and dogs enjoying the wonderful Devon countryside and coast.


The beauty of social media is the ease with which knowledge and information can be shared. Go visit that little blue bird and find inspiration.