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5 Instagram Accounts Every Sheep Farmer Should Follow

Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has become a major player in the social media landscape. With 800 million users it’s second only to Facebook in the popularity ranks - with the majority of users under 30 years of age.

The beauty of Instagram is its simplicity, it’s easy to edit and upload images and video to be viewed by your followers via a slick interface. To help you connect with the latest, greatest sheep farming content on Instagram - and maybe find a little inspiration - we’ve compiled a list of the five accounts you should be following.


First off, a little self-promotion. Our blog, Twitter and Facebook pages have been a huge success so far. Sheep farmers up and down the country are interacting and engaging with us on a daily basis. It’s all about having a place that allows members of the community to connect, share advice and learn about their craft. And now we’re broadening our efforts with our new Instagram channel.

Got a lamb that’s not too sheepish for a selfie? Upload it with the #TeamSheep or #Sheepselfie tag and we’ll regram it. Don’t forget to tag as well to make sure we see it. The same goes for any other sheep-related content that you’d like to share with others. Let’s connect.

2. @EDWARDS1811

Samuel Edwards is a 25-year-old sheep farmer based in sunny Cornwall. His sheep are regularly photographed lounging around, playing in the fields and causing a general ruckus. Exactly what we like to see! It’s not all about sheep however. His adorable dog Nellie is a regular feature on his feed, along with the occasional trip to Sandy Park to watch Exeter Chiefs.

This post features a series of photos showing what must have been a challenging few days on the farm during the infamous ‘Beast from the East’ snow storm earlier this year. Thankfully, it looks like Sam managed to keep his cool and protect his flock.


Wiltshire is home to Sophie Wilson, a sheep farmer and vet student with a great eye for a photo, as her beautiful selection of snaps shows.

Our personal favourite has to be this one, showing one of the lambs doing its best to hide away in the undergrowth, but not totally succeeding.


Wakefield-Bex Farms is a fairly new farm, established in 2016, from the looks of things, they’re doing well. With a flock of 110 sheep that includes Rideau, Suffolk, Dorset, Ille de France and Charolais breeds, they’ve got a varied selection of sheep each with their own quirks and qualities.

The page features some fabulous images taken during the snowy weather we experienced in March. Our personal highlight is this one, showcasing the important role farmers must play in ensuring newborn lambs are kept warm during challenging winter conditions.


Callum Harrison is a young sheep farmer based in Nottingham. When he’s not on the golf course, skiing or playing with his dog Luna he’s getting on with the business of sheep farming. His Instagram showcases the beauty of Nottinghamshire and the wonderfully picturesque moments that sheep farming regularly provides.

Our favourite of his posts is this one, showing how even the toughest of lambs sometimes need a little pick me up. Snuggled in the footwell of his car, this little lamb’s managed to thumb a ride from Callum so he can arrive back at the farm in style.


Instagram gives sheep farmers a great way to show off not only the beauty of agricultural life, but spread awareness, share knowledge and learn from others in the community. If you’d like to be one of the growing number of Instagrammers getting behind this trend, follow our account and get involved. The industry works best when the opportunities for cooperation and knowledge-sharing are most accessible. Instagram is an ideal resource for know-how, news and, of course, the odd cute lamb photo.