Sheep farming


Quarantining your sheep is a staple for this time of year. It's so easy for diseases like worm, scab and other diseases to get in and out of your flock, that isolating incoming and returning stock could really benefit your farm.

A recent study in the South West showed that 40% of flocks had resistance to three different groups of wormers (BZ, LV, IVM). This highlights the need for an effective quarantine strategy to be in place. Here's our 5 ways to help ensure successful quarantine in sheep:

1. New sheep, new risks

New and returning sheep could introduce parasites to your flock. All sheep should be quarantined before joining the existing flock to reduce the risk. Sheep should be quarantined on a hard-standing yard for a minimum of 24 – 49 hours.

2. Time your treatments

Quarantine is a key time to consider treating your flock to kill off parasites. This can save time, money and avoid disease.

3. Got worms?

Resistant worms cost the UK sheep farming industry £84 million. Worms are the biggest threat to flocks across the UK. STARTECT® could provide a solution with its dual active efficacy to knock out resistant worms.

4. Stamp out sheep scab

All sheep should be assumed to be carrying sheep scab unless there is absolute assurance they are not. CYDECTIN® Sheep LA is a possible treatment. This, combined with STARTECT® can provide a comprehensive prevention and resistance plan for your flock.

5. Over to you...

Once quarantine has been actioned, what next? How do you maintain a healthy flock post quarantine?

  • Make a worm control plan
  • Once treated, further monitoring may be required
  • Visit parasitewatch and SCOPS to help with your treatment decision

Want to know more about planning for quarantine success, read our blog...

CYDECTIN 20 MG/ML LA SOLUTION FOR INJECTION FOR SHEEP contains moxidectin. POM-VPS STARTECT DUAL ACTIVE ORAL SOLUTION FOR SHEEP contains derquantel and abamectin. POM-VPS For further information please see the product’s SPC or contact Zoetis UK Limited, Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7NS. Customer Support: 0845 300 8034.
Use medicines responsibly ( Date of preparation: October 2017 AH733/17
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