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Infographic: Cost of Worm Resistance in Sheep

Did you know worm resistance costs the UK sheep farming industry £84 million every year? Find out why this is the case and how you can stop it by reading our infographic below.

Slow weight gain is costly

Studies in the UK have found that; 94% of farms have worms resistant to benzimidazole (white) drench. 68% have resistance to levamisole (yellow) drenches and more than half to ivermectin type drenches. The solution is to use a more effective anthelmintic drench as part of your worm control plan.

Without effective worm control it can take up to three times as long for a sheep to gain weight, while eating more feed, which costs you money:

 It could take only 5 weeks for a weaned lamb to put on 10kg if worm control is effective; the sheep eats 65kg of feed

● If worm control is ineffective, the same lamb could take 14 weeks to gain 10kg and it may eat twice the amount of feed.

Other profit losses

Ineffective worm control costs more money, but you also get less back: If the sheep weighs less the carcass is obviously of less value, but the conformation is also likely to be poorer. Secondly, the higher the number of worms present, the slower the weight gain. It, therefore, takes longer for sheep to achieve a required weight when worm resistance isn’t under control, which wastes valuable time.

Improve drench efficacy

STARTECT® is a dual active anthelmintic drench, which is not only effective against anthelmintic resistant worms but also prevents resistance development.

With two active ingredients, not just one, STARTECT® efficacy is >99% even against worms resistant to other products.

Meaning efficient performance and minimal growth rate loss

To achieve minimal losses, check your drench efficacy, implement an effective worm control plan and implement STARTECT® as a Knockout Drench.

Take a look at all the important data you need in our infographic below:

Cost of Worm Resistance in Sheep Infographic

To find out more about STARTECT®, including our library of material and videos, click here.

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