Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

@Sheep_Farmers and Parasite Watch's first-ever Twitter chat

Parasitic infection costs the UK sheep industry hundreds of millions of pounds each year. Join our Twitter chat to find out how you can protect your farm as well as your flock.


You work incredibly hard for your business. You want it to be as sustainable and successful as possible.

For a sheep farmer there’s little that’s more important than the health of your flock. That’s why it’s so important to know about parasites. Parasitic infection is the primary cause of disease in sheep and lambs. Parasitic gastroenteritis alone costs the UK industry £84 million a year.

The presence of parasites among your flock can decrease growth rates of lambs, harm wool production and ultimately lead to the death of your animals. During periods of stress such as lambing and weaning, parasites can create massive problems for the livelihoods of sheep farmers.


Parasites come in a range of different forms. Outbreaks vary in their timing and severity, year by year. That’s why it’s so important for the sheep farming community to share knowledge on testing, treatment and safeguarding. To support this, we’re hosting an event to spark conversations about sheep farming and parasites between farmers and their advisors.

On the 11th of September at 3pm we’re holding a live Twitter chat. It’s your chance to gain valuable information and discuss with others in the sheep farming world about how to tackle the problem of parasites and keep your sheep healthy.


It’s where Twitter users come together at a prearranged time to share tweets on a specific topic whilst using a shared hashtag that ties all of the tweets together. For September’s Parasite Watch chat we’ll be using the #ParasiteWatch hashtag. To join the discussion just visit Twitter between 3 & 4pm on the 11th of September and search for #ParasiteWatch to see what people are saying. To join the conversation, be sure to include #ParasiteWatch when posting. It’s as simple as that.

See you there…. #ParasiteWatch

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