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NSA Sheep Event 2016: Our Experience

Whilst we all enjoy the Great British Summer, our team made the journey to attend the National Sheep Association’s NSA Sheep 2016 event at the three counties show ground  in Worcestershire. With a multitude of stands filled with things from feed to shearers, weighing equipment to drenches – it was always going to be a fantastic day for attendees. This was the case for our team on the Zoetis stand as our team spoke to so many hundreds of farmers throughout the day, mainly about our dual active Knockout drench: STARTECT®.

NSA Sheep Event 2016 1 

“What a difference a year makes...” notes Dawn, one of Zoetis’ Account Managers, “STARTECT was being asked about by name or at least 'that new wormer', with questions such as 'tell me when is the best time to use your new wormer'! At one point I had farmers 3 deep waiting to talk to one of our team!” Fellow Account Manager, Paul, agreed and credits this to the great literature that is available to farmers and vets alike to learn more about STARTECT.

The potential of STARTECT in the fight against resistance isn’t just being noted in the UK, farmers from across the globe including Germany, France, and Romania, asking about the product, eager to find out more information.

Sarah, one of Zoetis’ eight dedicated Veterinary Consultants, how NSA Sheep 2016 was a really positive day. “It was great to have so much interest in STARTECT and I definitely felt that overall farmer engagement in resistance issues has increased compared to similar discussions this time last year.”

NSA Sheep Event 2016 2 

One of Zoetis’ key objectives, encapsulated with the #ParasiteWatch scheme, is farmers moving away from traditional ‘because we’ve always done it’ mentality, to a more accurate, data-based alternative. Farmers such as Alan Smellie have already seen great returns on investing in this methodology.

“A lot more people seem to be using drench checking services now,” Sarah continues, “and really benefiting from the interpretations of them. We also heard some great stories about how people had noticed a boost in overall productivity in their flocks’ post-STARTECT use.”

Ifor, a key account manager, noted how he had a number of fantastic conversations with farmers who are already using STARTECT and loving the results, farmers who came specifically to talk about STARTECT and want to use it imminently, and finally liaising with Vets and SQP’s – all of whom had very positive views of STARTECT.


“The message about knockout drench and STARTECT is gathering pace… the day went extremely well with many positives.”


NSA Sheep Event 2016 3

A busy day on the stand, but so encouraging as well with all members of the team enjoying the conversations. If you would like to find out more about STARTECT, check out our new website, here. There you can find video testimonials, details about how to combat resistance and the benefits STARTECT has delivered. 

Be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest news from Zoetis Sheep Farmers on Twitter and Facebook. Otherwise, for more information about the STARTECT Dual Action Guarantee contact your Zoetis Account Manager, Veterinary Consultant or call the helpline on 0845 300 8034.

STARTECT® contains derquantel and abamectin, POM V. For further information, please refer to the product SPC, or contact your veterinary surgeon or Zoetis UK Ltd, Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Walton on the Hill, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 7NS. Customer Support 0845 3008034. Always seek the advice of your medicines provider. Use medicines responsibly (