Parasite Watch, Sheep farming

The Parasite Watch Farmers’ Stories

It can be hard to predict parasite activity, every year differs from the next, depending on many factors. This is why Zoetis created the Parasite Watch scheme to help sheep farmers across the UK share valuable parasite data, enabling them to make timely decisions on what to treat their flocks for.

Now in its third year, some of the farmers involved in the Parasite Watch scheme want to share their experiences…

John Yeomans, Newtown, Montgomeryshire

Peter Baber, Weir Park Farm, Devon

How can you benefit from Parasite Watch?

Parasite Watch was created to help sheep farmers across the UK. It enables them to share and monitor parasite data from farms across the country. Helping them decide when and what to treat for. To find out how you can get involved or for the latest parasite updates in your area visit www.parasitewatch., or simply search Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for #ParasiteWatch.

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